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residential movers delray beach, floridaHow many times have you moved? Our movers have been packing and unpacking, moving, and storing items since 1941. That’s over 70 years of industry experience! The Bonnie family has owned our company from the beginning, helping to train movers on up-to-date techniques for the best customer service possible. Moving your precious belongings, even if it’s only across town, requires knowledge, care, and experience.

Our services are not only 100% reliable, we are also honest and up front about how we can help you. If you feel that your move may present a challenge, get in touch with us for peace of mind. We even assist in international and long distance moves, so no matter where your new adventure takes you, we have it covered!

Why Choose Our Movers?

Our residential movers  are different than those from other moving companies in Florida. We are always there for our clients , every step of the way. We start with a consultation and plan out the move based upon what items are needing to be packed and loaded onto our truck. We personalize all of our moving service to fit your specific needs, meaning we can also be involved as little or as much as you want. If you would prefer to pack your belongings yourself, we even offer affordable moving supplies that ensure all items are packed safely.

Residential Move Checklist

A move being stressful is a thing of the past. With proper planning and a checklist, you’ll be more than prepared for the big day. First and foremost, try to plan your move outside of peak season (late spring and summer). Most moving companies are booked solid during this time, which will make it difficult to hire a mover you’re interested in. Do the following:

  • Survey your home (garage, attic, shed, and basement, too). Begin making a checklist of all items you won’t be taking with you. Either sell them or donate the items.

  • Contact schools, doctors, dentists, and accountants to obtain any personal records you have locally.

  • Book your move in advance

  • Submit a change of address to the Post Office

  • Prepare a comprehensive inventory list of items to be stored or moved

  • Secure moving insurance

  • Pack all last-minute items

  • Get a good night’s sleep!

Make the Move and Get In Touch

If you like the sound of what we can offer you and are moving locally, nationally, or even internationally and would like the assistance of our moving service, contact our movers today at 561-272-2122. We would be happy to give you a quote for any of our residential moving services. By reading out testimonials before getting in touch, you will gain a clean idea on what past clients think of our expert services. Get a FREE Quote