Packing Tips Florida Residents Can Learn From

Packing Tips Florida ResidentsAre you planning on packing your belongings yourself. How items are packed is crucial to whether or not they are damaged. Even with our professional moving supplies proper technique must be used to prevent damage. For the best results, follow the tips below.

Must-Know Packing Tips for Moving

  • The first things that everyone asks how to pack are dishes and other kitchen items. First of all, all perishable food should be disposed of before you move. The last thing you want is to unpack something in your new home with a bad odor. For all jars and cans, wrap them and put them in book cartons. Any boxes such as cereal should be taped shut and packed in a medium carton.

  • Cups and glasses should be placed near the top, rim down, individually wrapped while other glassware like crystal should be individually packed in smaller cartons if possible. If this is not possible wrap and pad them on the top of a box. Do net set them one inside of the other.

  • Bowls and other odd shaped items should be individually wrapped. Plastic bowls make be nested together and put near the top while heavier, delicate bowls must be put toward the middle or bottom and individually wrapped. Face the bowls downward when packing instead of up.

  • For plates, saucer,s and flat china; wrap them individually and then bundle three or four together. Stand them on end in the carton, but never lay them flat. Place these near the top of a box, putting packing paper or newsprint between each packing layer.

  • Clothing and accessories are usually the next priority. If you have hats, put them in hat boxes and then in a large carton. However, if you do not have hat boxes, stuff them with newsprint and pack them individually to avoid crushing. Clothing should be hung in wardrobe cartons or folded in dresser drawers.

  • Electronics should be carefully wrapped and cushioned, then placed in medium or large cartons. Larger electronic pieces, such as television sets, computer monitors and entertainment systems will be padded by your driver and moved as furniture. If you have the original boxes for any of these items, it is best to pack them in these before moving.

  • Glass items or other large fragile items are best packed in mirror cartons. If the item is smaller it may be wrapped, padded, and put with other similar items.

  • Lamp bases should be wrapped, cushioned and placed in dish packing cartons. The shades should be in individual boxes with only loose cushioning to prevent denting.

  • Dried plants but not live plants may be brought on the van. These should be individually packed in an appropriate size carton.

Benefits of Knowing How to Pack

If you are doing it yourself knowing how to pack is important. Using the proper techniques and the right materials can make the job much easier.  If you decide you would rather let us handle the packing for you, just let us know.  We will be happy to provide you with a free estimate including service to pack all or part of your possessions.

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