#1 Packing Services in Delray Beach, FL

Packing ServicesProbably the most important part of moving is packing. Proper packing is what provides the most protection for your belongings, especially fragile items. It helps to have a professional mover by your side who knows the necessary techniques for packing and crating certain items.

Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage can easily and carefully pack and crate clothing, art, china, and more. We only use the best packing supplies so that your belongings are always kept safe, and we always use the proper amount of packing paper on the top and bottom of a moving box to be sure nothing gets crushed.

Fast and Efficient Packing & Crating Services

Our packing company knows how precious time is during a move, especially if it is a corporate relocation or a commercial move. You need your belongings to be at your new place on time. Our packing services go beyond moving day starting with a customized moving and packing checklist as well as a complete moving plan. This way, there are set and scheduled tasks on the day of the move to prevent getting behind.

We always arrive at your home or office on time the day of the move with enough manpower to quickly and efficiently pack, load, move, and unpack your property.

Remember: Have all your belongings that are to be packed by our Delray Beach movers sorted by room, and let us know about any fragile items.

Packing Supplies Our Movers Use

For the protection of your property, our moving company always uses:

  • Professional padding

  • Packing tape

  • Packing paper

  • Moving boxes

  • Crates ranging from small to large for specialized items including machinery and hanging clothing

Our crating services include plastic and wooden crates for your most fragile items. Our experienced packing team knows the best way to pack and load each of your items.

If you are in need of professional packing, don’t hesitate to contact us at 561-272-2122. Get a FREE Quote