Experienced Ocean Ridge FL Movers

Ocean Ridge FL MoversWhen you need to hire movers you want a company with a long track record of excellence. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage has more than 70 years of moving experience under our belt. Four generations of Bonnies have seen our moving company grow to offer more and more services to our Ocean Ridge clients, and we are able to do that because of our satisfied customers. In fact, 95% of our business is made up of referrals because we have over seven decades of practice making customers happy. Part of doing that is making all of the following services available to them.

Piano Moving Service in Ocean Ridge

Piano owners invest hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in their beloved instruments. It makes sense that these owners would want someone highly trained and qualified to move their piano from one place to another. That is why you need to call Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage for the best piano moving service Ocean Ridge has to offer.  Pianos can be especially difficult to move due to their unique shape and large size. Often, pianos will not fit through narrow hallways or apartments, or may be too heavy for the average individual to carry down multiple flights of stairs. Pianos can also be unsafe to try moving on your own. Many piano owners have injured themselves and their loved ones by attempting to move their piano without the appropriate equipment or manpower. By hiring a piano moving service Ocean Ridge trusts, you are not only guaranteeing the safe delivery of your piano, but also saving yourself the stress and risk associated with moving a piano on your own. If you are moving and in need of piano moving services, contact our Ocean Ridge Movers today!

Professional National Movers in Ocean Ridge

Are you moving outside of Florida? We can still provide you with all of our residential, commercial, or government moving services. Through a partnership with National Van Lines, Inc. we are able to perform cross country moving or even move you overseas! All of our movers have had training on how to handle antiques, heavy machinery, and other valuable or fragile items on long distance moves. We have all the best moving supplies to keep your items safely packed in our moving truck, and we treat your belongings as if they were ours. You and your property deserve the utmost care and respect.

Save Time and Frustration With These Packing Tips

  • Heavier items should always go at the bottom of your moving boxes while lighter items should be toward the top.

  • All boxes should be balanced and have no empty spaces. Use packing paper to fill in gaps.

  • Don’t mix items that belong to separate rooms. This will make unpacking take much longer.

  • When packing china or glassware make sure they are individually wrapped. Nesting them together could cause them to break.

  • When labeling your boxes with their contents try labeling the side. This will make it easy to see when boxes are stacked on top of each other.

Following our packing tips can really save time and money, even if you’re simply moving a few blocks. For more moving or packing tips, or to hire our Ocean Ridge moving company, contact us at 561-272-2122. Get a FREE Quote