Moving Tips Florida Residents Should Know

  • The most important tip for moving is to start as early as possible. Packing, inventory, and preparation can take a month, and performing tasks in small intervals can keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

  • If you have a family utilize them well. Designate tasks that each person is responsible for. Not only will this help alleviate stress and save time, no one will feel as if they have done an unfair amount of work.

  • Do you have a lot of complicated electronics? Do yourself a favor and take pictures of the setup and wiring before you disassemble them for the move. This will save time when you unpack.

  • Make sure you file your change of address at the post office 30 days before you move so that mail won’t still be coming to your old address after you’re gone.

  • Be sure to gather all important papers and records like transcripts, medical records, and birth certificates, and make copies. Put the originals and the copies in separate safe places in case something happens to them.

  • Create boxes that you will need to open first in each room, and fill them with the essentials. This way you know what to unpack the first day at your new place, but you don’t have to tire out trying to unpack everything.

  • If you are moving with children, be sure to leave out a special toy to keep with them during the move. This will keep them comfortable as well as provide entertainment.

Cross Country Moving Tips

This is a popular question. If you’re preparing to move cross country one of the biggest tips we have is to go through your belongings and make sure you only move what you really need to move. This is a great opportunity to weed out items that have been taking up space in your current home but aren’t used or needed anymore. When it comes time for the move itself, looks at your storage needs and consider temporary and permanent storage for some of your items. Anything that gets moves needs to be packed in sturdy packaging materials. Give us a call to learn more.

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Why Following Our Tips for Moving May Help

Moving is a very stressful task, and our aim is to make it easier for you and your family. Anxiety can just make the whole moving process harder and cause you to forget things or put things off until the last minute. Following our moving tips can keep you organized instead of overwhelmed so that you don’t miss something. Moving to a new place should be exciting not scary.

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