Helpful Moving Resources for Florida Residents

Helpful Moving Resources for Florida ResidentsWe make it our priority to provide a solution for all the moving needs of commercial businesses and homeowners in Delray Beach and surrounding areas. All of our services are available to you to ensure that you have everything you need for a smooth relocation.

Planning Your Move

In order to make your move easier, faster, and more efficient, we always create a customized moving plan before moving day. This way, you will know exactly what to expect, and our movers will have a set list of tasks to complete. Our moving team will work with you to decide:

  • How to handle fragile items

  • What should be moved first

  • What to move last

  • What items belong in a room together

  • How many of each type of carton is needed

  • A plan for disposal of unwanted items

How Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage Can Help

Having a professional assist with your move, whether it is international or local, can really help you save time and money. Moving does not have to be scary or stressful with a moving company like Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage. By having a moving plan, items are always accounted for and protected. Whether we are packing for you or giving you the moving supplies to pack yourself, we can provide you with advice and knowledge on how to make moving day as worry free as possible. Follow the links below for m=moving resources.

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