Complete Moving Checklist for Florida Homeowners

Moving Checklist For Florida HomeownersA moving checklist is one of the best ways to stay organized during a move and will help you prioritize tasks. In order to create this checklist you need to know the date of packing, the day movers will be coming to your home, and the date your belongings should arrive ate your new place. It is best to start packing at least a month before the move.

How a Checklist for Moving Helps Ease the Moving Process

Making a moving checklist before you begin any moving tasks will help you stay on schedule for the move as well as eliminate the possibility that you will forge to do something crucial. A moving checklist can also help you and your movers create a personalized moving plan.

Our Moving Checklist

Six to eight weeks before:

  • Decide on a packing date, and let Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage know.

  • Make all travel plans (book all flights and hotels).

  • Decide what is going with you to your new place.

  • Inventory all belongings.

  • Find all family records, and put them in a safe place to go with you. Possibly make copies.

  • Have a yard sale for those items you won’t be taking or donate them.

Two or three weeks before:

  • Cancel all local memberships.

  • Make shipping arrangements for pets or plants.

  • Dispose of or give away flammable items.

  • Fill and transfer all prescriptions.

  • Update insurance policies.

Remember: Change your address with the post office and mail address change cards to mail order accounts, credit card companies, and friends. This should be done closer to the moving date.

You can change your address online by visiting

Also, be sure to cancel utilities and services. Be sure to transfer these to your new location or set up new accounts with the local companies where you are relocating to.

One week before:

  • Send any upholstery, rugs, or clothes to be cleaned.

  • Pack those items that go with you in your car and label them as such.

  • Clean out and defrost the fridge and freezer.

  • Pack any suitcases.

  • Bring all items home that are somewhere else like at school or your office.

  • Arrange for child or pet care for moving day.

  • Transfer funds to your new accounts where you are moving.

  • Drain fuel from all power equipment.

  • Get maintenance on all vehicles.

  • Prepare a survival kit.

  • Gather items from safe deposit boxes.

On moving day:

  • Get copies of all shipping documents.

  • Put bed linens inside drawers for more convenient moving.

  • Do a final walk-through to make sure nothing was missed.

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