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Are you planning a move abroad or returning to the U.S. from living overseas? As leading Florida-based long-distance movers, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage can organize safe and efficient relocations world-wide. Our team of international movers ensures your belongings get where they need to go – hassle-free and on time. From packing and transportation to planning and logistics, our international moving service puts our clients’ comfort first.

A First-Class International Moving Company

Movers Serving Delray Beach FloridaSoutheastern Florida is a very international part of the country.  Our location here has provided great opportunity to meet and service clients on a global basis through international moving. Not only do we arrange and service outbound USA moves, customers from many points abroad have appointed us to orchestrate moves inbound to the States as well as handle other non-domestic relocations. We are proud to boast that National Van Lines has awarded Joe Bonnie & Son with sales achievement and customer satisfaction excellence awards for our performance in the international arena.

Moving abroad involves diverse requirements. Each country has its own specifications for returning nationals or immigrants.  From proper document preparation to customs clearance requirements, our experience and vast knowledge in the international arena will assist in making your relocation a smooth one.

Our more than 70 years of experience proves that we know exactly how to handle your belongings as well as all the processes involved with an international move.

An International Moving Company You Can Depend On

We go above and beyond your expectations to prove our skill and earn your trust. We do this by selecting only experienced, qualified relocation experts. We also offer a full range of services to make sure all your needs will be met from packing to storage. Best of all, we are partnered with National Van Lines, Inc., a company known for its excellent international department.

Main Steps Involved in an International Move

Completing a move to a new country will require careful planning and preparation. As experienced international movers, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage understands what it takes to move overseas safely and efficiently. While each move requires a customized approach, much of the process fits within the following steps.

  • Complete an Initial Consultation – Our team will discuss everything needed for a successful international move.

  • Manage the Move – Schedule the moving dates and arrange documentation for border clearance.

  • Packing and Loading Belongings – Our international movers will safely pack and load items for the move.

  • Transport to the New Location – Transportation may be via land, sea or air, depending on the location.

  • Unpack at the Destination – Our team will help you get set up at your new home with efficient unloading and unpacking.

Overseas Movers – Questions to Consider Before Your Move

What possessions do I need to take overseas?

Moving is the perfect time to declutter. Decide which items are essential – and those you can do without.

Are the international movers licensed and insured for the move?

Our international moving team is fully licensed and insured for moves both within the United States and overseas.

Is my new home ready?

If you don’t have a new home ready, you could use our secure storage facilities while you arrange accommodations.

Have I completed all the necessary steps before exiting my old home?

Complete important steps like calling the water and electric companies and stopping the mail. And don’t forget to speak with your bank and other service providers.

What Is Included in an International Move?

At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, our goal is to provide a custom moving plan that is right for you. Moving across borders will inevitably pose challenges, and each of our clients will have individual needs that must be addressed. However, many international moves have some of the following elements in common.

  • Comprehensive insurance – Full protection against lost or damaged goods.

  • U.S. storage – Temporary storage in our state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Customs clearance – Guidance and assistance with all necessary moving documents.

  • A dedicated coordinator – Stay informed during the moving process with a personal representative.

  • Door-to-door moving – From your old home to your new location, we cover everything.

Who to Choose When You’re Moving Overseas

Choosing an international moving company is an important decision. Here are several reasons why you should contact Joe Bonnie & Son to handle your international relocation:

  • Positive customer reviews – Look at what our customers are saying about us!

  • We will provide you with a free, honest estimate

  • Our knowledge and experience in the international moving arena makes us the best choice to handle your relocation.  Don’t leave a smooth move up to chance.  Call our experienced team.

  • Accountability across every stage of the move – We take responsibility for every aspect of an international move to ensure a stress-free and streamlined experience.

  • Direct communication – International moves can be challenging, so our clients can call us directly with any questions or concerns.

  • We use the highest quality materials – Your possessions are protected during every long-distance move, thanks to our quality packing materials and techniques.

If you would like a free estimate or begin planning your overseas move, contact our international movers at 561-272-2122. Get a FREE Quote