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When you need experienced commercial movers covering Delray Beach and across the United States, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage is a name you can trust. Founded in 1941, we remain family-owned and operated to this day, maintaining consistent dedication to efficiency and reliability throughout our long history. From local business and small office moves to industrial and corporate relocations, we’ve got you covered.

Delray Beach commercial movers

Our Delray Beach Commercial Moving Services

Our commercial moving services are designed to create a streamlined and hassle-free experience for our clients. We work with businesses to understand exactly what they need for a move, then build a customized service to meet their demands. In practice, this approach often includes planning, packing and unpacking, equipment assembly and disassembly, coordination and storage.

The Primary Commercial Moving Services We Offer

Industrial Movers

Industrial moving is a specialized field that requires expertise, attention to detail and dedicated equipment. With an extensive history of moving machinery, large-scale equipment and production materials, we are equipped for all types of heavy-duty moving. Our industrial movers understand the need to maintain a strict schedule to limit downtime for your operation. To meet all targets, we work with cranes, forklifts, air ride trucks, industrial rigging and other equipment to ensure a safe, efficient and timely industrial move.

Office Movers

If your business is planning an office move in Delray Beach, or even an entire cross-country relocation, our team of office movers can help. We understand the need to minimize disruption through clear planning and efficient moving. Everything from office equipment, cubicles and files to computers and fragile electronics can be packed and transported safely and securely. Let us know what you require from an office move and we will make it happen.

Additional Commercial Moving Services

At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, our commercial movers work with all types of businesses to plan and execute a flawless relocation. Here are some of the types of businesses we work with:

  • Doctor’s offices

  • Retail stores

  • Law firms

  • Warehouses

  • Medical centers

  • Restaurants

  • Event spaces

  • Hotels

  • Manufacturing facilities

Essentially, we can arrange a commercial move for almost every type of business. From packing and loading to moving and storage, we aim to deliver a reliable, stress-free and affordable experience for our clients.

The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Movers

  • Storage – Commercial moves and their logistical challenges can mean storing items for a short time would be beneficial. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities are available until you are ready to complete the move.

  • Cost savings – Attempting to complete the move without commercial movers can often lead to spiraling costs. Experienced commercial movers understand what needs to be done to complete the job on time and within budget.

  • Equipment – Most commercial moves involve large or fragile objects that require both specialized equipment and a skilled team. By working with a commercial moving operation, you ensure that every type of equipment needed will be accessible.

  • Safety – Moving an office, store, warehouse or other building requires safety procedures for employees and equipment. Commercial movers put safety at the forefront of every relocation.

  • Licensed and insured – When they work with an established moving company, a business can feel confident that their movers are operating with the necessary state licensing in hand. In addition, they are fully insured in the rare case of damaged items.

  • Less downtime – Moving a business can cause a loss in revenue due to some downtime. Working with a top mover with an experienced team can help reduce that downtime – so you can get back to business.

Common Questions About Commercial Movers

What type of equipment do you use for a commercial move?

We have access to a wide range of commercial moving equipment suitable for all types of jobs. Equipment includes moving dollies, hand trucks, moving blankets, cranes, trailers, large capacity vehicles and more.

Should I use storage during a commercial move?

Storage is a good option for a commercial move when you aren’t ready to move all items to the new location. In addition, if you are remodeling your office or store, storage provides a temporary solution to protect equipment, furnishings and so on.

Can I pack and transport private or sensitive documents?

Yes. Our team understands the importance of safety and privacy throughout a move. We can develop custom plans for any private documents, and provide the option of holding them in our secure storage facilities.

Trusted Commercial Movers Serving Delray Beach and Beyond

Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage covers all types of commercial moves, both locally in Delray Beach and across the country. When you need reliable and affordable commercial movers for an industrial or office move, contact us for assistance. To reach us, call (561) 272-2122 or request a free moving quote.

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