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Local Moving Company Boynton Beach, FLAre you in need of movers in Boynton Beach? Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage is a family owned moving company that has been in the Bonnie family since 1941. Finding a mover you can trust is important, especially if you have a lot of fragile or valuable items. Whether you are moving across town or need international movers, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage knows how to protect your belongings from damage. We have numerous moving supplies that are especially made for certain items, and we even have crates that can keep your items safe during long term storage. You can rely on us for services such as:

National Movers Boynton Beach Can Depend On

If you are relocating out of state, you may have a lot on your mind. From transitioning to a new job to enrolling your children in a new school and preparing for a new climate, it can get overwhelming. Having a national moving company with experience can be an asset and a big relief. If you have a team of movers to pack, ship, and unload your items, you can focus on your family and other relocation tasks.

Our national moving company has been in business for more than 70 years, receiving most of our business from customer referrals. We know exactly how to carefully and efficiently pack and move even your largest or most fragile items so you can stay on schedule. Plus, our partnership with National Van Lines, Inc. has given us access to the best moving supplies and an expanded service area spanning several countries.

Packing Tips You Should Know

  • When packing plates, pictures frames, and small glass pieces try packing them on their side instead of flat. You can get more in a box this way, pad them better, and they are less likely to break.

  • You can protect linens and blankets by using a large plastic bag and pack them in a lined carton.

  • Rugs should go to the cleaners before a move and not packed. Simply leave them rolled for the movers to handle.

  • If you have small appliances to pack, remove all batteries and put them in a ziploc bag. Cushion all appliances when packing them, and try to pack them individually.

About Boynton Beach

Everyone loves a beach town, and Boynton Beach is certainly lives up to the hype. Recent estimates put our local population around 6 million, give or take. That is simply astounding to us! This community continues to grow exponentially. Soon, we will all enjoy new neighbors, new businesses, and new opportunities to succeed!

Thankfully, Boynton Beach enjoys success in all facets. For example, the Boynton Beach boardwalk was renovated just a few years ago, replacing the plastic with beautiful wood. In 2012, further improvements along the board added new restrooms and décor. Despite hurricane weather, and the devastation of Hurricane Wilma, the city has come together and exploded in popularity and success. Local businesses, including countless cultural eateries and variety diner joints, continue to thrive. We are immensely proud to serve this community and will continue doing so with vigor and dedication!

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