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Local Moving Company Boca Raton, FLOur Boca Raton moving company has been family owned and operated since 1941. Since the beginning, the Bonnie family has run the business with the goal of providing worry free, customer service oriented, moving and storage to families and businesses. As a partner of National Van Lines, Inc., we have access to the latest moving supplies and techniques that will keep all your belongings safe, but we have also maintained our name and family values. This means you get the best products as well as the best customer service. We provide the following to residents in Boca Raton:

Local Movers Boca Raton Can Trust

If you’re in need of local movers or moving overseas, you need to have a moving team you can trust with even your most precious and fragile items. You can have peace of mind knowing that Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage screens each and every employee for criminal history and rugs before they are hired. We also make sure that they have experience and skill in moving all types of objects including antiques ad artwork. This way you know that only the most qualified and trustworthy professionals will be entering your home or business.

Easy Corporate Movers

There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to move an office with a moving company that is not cooperative or helpful. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage is a different type of moving company. Our client-centric approach makes any corporate move a breeze. We only hire experienced movers who understand the intricacies of moving corporate office equipment and coordinating moves where time is of the essence. If you are looking for an easy corporate move, don’t sweat it. Just call Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage today and schedule our corporate movers today.

The Role of Packers and Movers

If you have never hired professional packers and movers before, you may not know what to expect. The role of packers and movers in any move is to help facilitate the process and make everything much more efficient. Packers and movers will complete the following:

  • Carefully pack your items in secure boxes.

  • Using their knowledge and experience to properly wrap and secure your furniture.

  • Quickly and efficiently loading and unloading all items onto the moving truck.

  • Getting you settled and unpacked in your new location, if needed.

If you are interested in hiring professional packers and movers, contact the team at Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage today at 561-272-2122.

Moving Tips You Should Know

  • If you have pets or small children, it is best to have someone watch them on moving day. This will keep you from being distracted and keep them from getting hurt.

  • If you are packing yourself label boxes not just by what’s inside but by room. This will help movers or friends who are helping as well as keep you from having to move boxes around later.

  • Be sure to defrost your freezer and refrigerator at least 24 hours before the move and wipe away liquid.

  • Get groceries two weeks or more before the move so that you don’t have to waste perishables by throwing them away.

Helpful Packing Tips to Protect Your Belongings

Every person who moves has to pack at least a few fragile belongings. Whether it’s an old dresser from your grandparents or a cherished family portrait, you want to protect this thing from the scuffs and scrapes of moving. At Joe Bonnie & Son, we are committed to helping families protect their belongings.

As you prepare for a move, organize each room into distinct boxes. You should carefully wrap breakable items in either appropriate packing materials or blankets. Furthermore, mark each box in correlation with its room. This will allow for speedy loading and unloading. For bulky items, purchase appropriately-sized boxes. Do not attempt to fit any item into a box that’s too small for it. The best tip we can offer is to give us a call. We have the experience and training you need!

Commercial Movers in Boca Raton, FL

A commercial move is different than a residential move. Some things are the same — in both cases, you’re packing your goods into a truck and driving across the city or country. However, logistics are a whole different story. In a commercial move, you need to prepare both your employees and your clients. Everyone must be on the same page. This means setting a move date as early as possible, and sticking to that deadline.

At Joe Bonnie & Son, we’ve helped countless businesses throughout Boca Raton relocate to better locations. We’ll begin our work by surveying your needs. We tailor your experience to your specific desires. In this case, your business really is our business. We’d like to have you up and running in your new location a soon as possible. The quicker you’re set up, the faster you can get back to work!

About Boca Raton

To everyone else, Boca Raton is known as a tourist destination. It is a beachside resort of the highest quality with a slew of unique eateries, wonderful hotels, and pools by the dozens. To the locals, we know Boca Raton as a community. The joys of tourism, however, are not lost on us. Recent developments such as West Boca Raton prove that we can thrive and succeed. As a cultural and business center for Florida, our growing city is one of the wealthiest in all of South Florida. That is an impressive fact that we are all proud to relay to the world!

It is not all about business in Boca Raton, though. If you want a little time off, the Town Center Mall, an upscale shopping center, is the largest indoor mall in all of Palm Beach County. Mizner Park, another downtown attraction in the financial district, also provides a wealth of new opportunities and getaways. There’s nothing like shopping and enjoying the sun on a day off!

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If you follow these simple tips, moving day will go a lot smoother. For more information on moving and packing, or to schedule moving services, contact our Boca Raton movers at 561-272-2122. Get a FREE Quote