What You Should Consider When Moving Across Country

Long-distance house moves from Delray Beach


Are you planning a big move this summer? Long-distance moves are challenging at the best of times, particularly if you are moving to a new area. And what’s more, months of uncertainty have left many cross-country moves in doubt. If you are planning a move from Delray Beach or any other area around the country, here is what you need to know.

Factors to Consider in a Cross-Country Move

Get a Moving Quote

You may be tempted to attempt a move alone, but this is difficult enough even with a local move. Long-distance moves require professional movers with the knowledge to execute a cross-country relocation. Start by requesting a moving quote and asking questions.

Create a Schedule

Planning a move will throw up many obstacles you didn’t initially anticipate. However, you can avoid many issues by planning ahead and creating a schedule. Make sure to tie up any loose ends before moving day arrives, avoiding issues with packing, storage or unpaid bills.

Deal With Utilities

Utilities such as electricity, gas, cable, internet and so on need to be dealt with in advance of the move. Ideally, you will have a moving date planned out, allowing you to cancel utilities for that date and have new services set up at your new property.

Stay Updated With Local Regulations

Moving to a new state or even a new country can provide unexpected challenges. Many people scheduled long-distance moves due to COVID-19, and are now facing uncertainty. In advance of the move, check local regulations regarding moving protocols and where necessary, check rules for apartment buildings or assisted living facilities.

Use Professional Packing Services

Long-distance moves can put your belongings under strain. If items are not packed correctly they can be easily damaged in transit. Use professional packing services to ensure possessions are carefully packed using high-quality materials. Also, as excessive heat could cause damage to some items, consider the temperature.

Be Prepared to Declutter

A long-distance move is the perfect time to declutter. Typically, most homes contain possessions that haven’t been used in many years. A cross-country move is a good time to sort out exactly what you need – and what could find a better home. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of certain belongings, but it’s worth it to embrace a new start in your new home.

Think About the Size of the New Home

Long-distance moves often involve some downsizing. Trying to move all your possessions into a smaller property will be challenging, and could require strategic planning. The best moving and storage companies provide exceptional storage facilities for your items. Consider keeping some possessions in storage until you are organized in your new home.

We Make Long-Distance Moving a Stress-Free Experience

Long-distance moves can be challenging, but Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage brings years of experience to your move. From our home in Delray Beach, we can move your home or office to any location around the country. For a free moving quote, contact us online or call (561) 272-2122.