Urban vs. Suburban: What Move Do You Want to Make?

Urban or Suburban?The age old question of where is better to live, urban areas or suburban parts has been one that millions of people have asked themselves for years. Both have their pros and cons and depending on your current lifestyle, living situation and dependents, it can be a very difficult one to make. However, at Joe Bonnie Moving & Son Moving & Storage, we’ve put together some helpful information for when you or someone you know is struggling to make the decision between urban and suburban life.

Suburban Life

A suburban life provides a little seclusion from busy cities and crowded towns, however, for some, it can be too cut off from society. Let’s first take a look at the pros:


Easier to obtain insurance in suburban areas
Fewer car accidents take place in the suburbs
Better housing options for larger families
Peaceful living in the suburbs away from the hustle and bustle of cities.


Usually, living in the suburbs means a longer commute to work
Extra cost for furniture due to a bigger property
Public transport can be sparse
May need to travel far for nightclubs, cinemas and other activities.

Urban Life

Urban living means that you’re never too far away from the nightlife and hustle and bustle of people, but is that for everyone? Let’s look at the pros and cons of urban life:


Usually, urban living means less of a commute to work
Urban residents have access to great public transport
If you have kids, there are a usually a number of schools to choose from


Living spaces can feel slightly congested in urban locations
Inner city homes tend to be more expensive that suburban homes
White noise can be distracting when living in a city

Moving Home?

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