Tips for Moving With a Piano in Delray Beach

Learn how to safely move a piano in Delray Beach with the help of professional movers.

By Just dance at Shutterstock

When you’re planning a big residential move in Delray Beach, there are certain items within your home that are sure to give you a bout of anxiety. One such item is your grand piano. How do you move a massive musical instrument out of a man-size door? It’s not easy, let us tell you.

First things first, you want to hire a professional moving company in the area to tackle the job. Professional movers use industry-leading techniques and equipment to move, pack and transport pianos of all sizes.

How to Move a Piano

The average piano weighs anywhere from 300 to 1,000 pounds — sometimes more. If the weight wasn’t a good enough deterrent, consider the fact that the average price of a quality piano can range from a few thousand dollars to over $100,000.

With a professional moving company, you receive the manpower needed to successfully move a piano of any size, without any risk of harm, because of specialized equipment and training. It is especially important to hire expert movers in Delray Beach if you have narrow hallways or steep stairs. These obstacles can pose a serious hazard to both you and the piano if not traversed correctly.

Here is how the experts successfully move a piano:

  • Using blankets and padding to protect the instrument from dings or scratches.

  • Handheld dollies designed to support the weight of a piano.

  • Measuring of doorways and hallways for adequate transport out of the building.

  • Loads of manpower.

  • Professional equipment for upright pianos, grand pianos and more.

The Best Way to Move a Piano? Hire a Pro

If you’re keen on protecting your $1,000 piano from damage or destruction, there’s only one solution. You need to hire a professional moving company in Delray Beach. You’re protected. Your piano is protected. Even better, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your brand-new or antique piano is transported safely and successfully to your new home.

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