Tips for Finding Secure Storage for a Long-Distance Move

A storage unit isn’t just an option during a long-distance move; it’s a necessity. There are so many things that can go wrong when you’re relocating to a distant place, so you need to be prepared for delays and unexpected hiccups as you transfer all of your belongings. Having access to a secure storage location is a great method for preventing moving disasters, as long as you find one that works for you.

As you begin hunting for a safe, reliable storage service, here are the top five tips you need to keep in mind that will save you money and protect your belongings.

Only Consider Services That Come With Proper Security

The last thing you need is someone damaging or stealing your items while they’re in storage. That’s why you should look for a unit that comes with an alarm, on-site monitoring, 24-hour video surveillance, and other safety features.

Pay Attention to the Storage Unit’s Location

You’re planning a long-distance move, which means that you may or may not have access to your items if you leave them in your hometown. Is it more convenient to store them closer to your new home? Make sure you know where you want your belongings to be, and choose a facility that’s in a safe, easily-accessible part of town.

Go With a Temperature-Controlled Unit

Depending on where you live, temperatures outside could drastically impact your belongings if they are exposed to heat or cold for long periods of time. Err on the side of caution and select a storage facility that offers temperature-controlled units. Not only will this be more pleasant for you, but it will also prevent damage to your items, especially if they will be in the unit for several weeks or months in a warm area like Florida.

Make Sure You Can Access Your Items Whenever You Want

Moving is stressful enough without having to abide by the restrictions of a storage company. You will want immediate access to your belongings whenever you need it, so make sure that the company’s business hours and holiday schedules work with your plans.

Find Out How the Payment Plan Works

Some storage companies charge by the month. Others set up week-by-week plans. Depending on the circumstances of your move, one of these selections might work better for you than the other. You should also look into any extra fees the storage service may tack on, like setup fees or security deposits. The more you know about pricing upfront, the better you can budget for your entire move.

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Another great way to save money and keep your belongings safe is to buy your storage options through your moving company. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage in Delray Beach offers everything from full service moving to secure storage units, so when you bundle your entire long-distance move with them, you cut down on costs and ensure that your items will be treated with care. Their 20,000 square-foot facility is air-conditioned, hurricane-code compliant, and under surveillance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To learn more about storage options with Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage or schedule a long-distance move, give our team a call today at 561-272-2122.