Three Ways to Make a Commercial Move Easier

Packed-up boxes and office furniture. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage in Florida.

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When you are moving a business, it’s complex – a lot can go wrong with miscommunication or disorganization. So much so, that the whole process can cause a lot of stress to business owners if they don’t have total confidence in the company they’ve entrusted to help move them. Here are only three of the many ways that Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage makes commercial moving easier. If you are looking into companies that don’t make any mention of the below qualities, you may want to look elsewhere.

1. Organized Planning

Arguably, the most important aspect of a successful commercial move is organization. The element of the organization should be evident as soon as you start speaking with a company. They should explain their process for moving companies in explicit detail, and give you a number-by-number quote. There should be no pop-up fees along the way, nor any other surprise costs as times go on. Because moving can include unexpected occurrences, you do need to know the best way to determine how organized a moving company is. So how do you do that? You ask them what they would do should the unexpected occur, and see what their backup plans would be.

2. Assistance Packing

There’s no one who knows packing like professional movers – trust us, we know! As a moving company that offers this component of the process, we see how much easier it is on business owners to have someone who knows what they’re doing pack up their most important files and documents in the safest way. Not to mention, we also see how much easier it is on them and their employees, as they’re able to take a deep breath during the hectic relocation time.

3. Disassembling and Reassembling

This is by far the most helpful part of a commercial move from a moving company: taking apart furniture, electronics, and other office fixtures, moving them, and putting them back together again. Not everyone is handy with this sort of thing, which is absolutely fine because we are! And we know that by doing these steps for you, you can just worry about unpacking the boxes and setting up your desk in the new space. We can even help you set up your devices.

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