The Most Important Things to Look for in a Beach Storage Facility

Living near the beach affects many things, from the materials your house is built with, to how you store things in the hot temperatures and salty air. If you’re planning to relocate to a beachside location and need to store your belongings temporarily, you can’t just pick the first storage rental facility you stumble across.

In sunny ocean-side locations, there are three qualifications that all storage units must meet in order to be safe and acceptable to house your valuables.

Each Unit Should Be Temperature Controlled

Tropical locations can often become extremely hot, especially during the summer months. This means you absolutely must rent a storage unit that has air conditioning. Without AC, many of your items may become damaged by heat and moisture. You should be able to store all of your belongings, even the most fragile ones, without worrying that the outside temperature will wreak havoc on them.

The Buildings Must Be Hurricane Code Compliant

Places like Florida are often in danger during hurricane season, and that means your stuff is in danger, too. Therefore, it’s important to select a storage facility prepared to handle any and all kinds of tropical weather. Ask the owners about their procedures in the event of a hurricane, and ensure that the buildings were built to withstand bad weather.

High-Tech Security Is Needed

Some people will store potentially dangerous things in their storage units, like alcohol or ammunition. You want to know that the others around you are being safe, so go with a storage unit facility that knows how to follow safety procedures and monitor everything that happens on their property.

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