Six Packing Tips for a Commercial Move

Relocating your entire business is a stressful endeavor. Everything, from computer equipment and sensitive documents to products and office furniture, has to be dealt with. To make matters worse, you’re trying to ensure the transition is easy on everyone. You want to avoid a loss in productivity, so everyone needs to get settled quickly and safely.

Here are expert packing tips to make your commercial move a breeze.

By AlexLMX at Shutterstock

Here are a few expert tips to make your commercial move easier on everyone.

1. Start Early Planning for Your Move Early

No matter how large your business is, you’ll want to begin the moving process as early as possible. Typically, a commercial move involves more items than a residential move. As a result, you’ll need to pack and load each item with plenty of time. Many business owners underestimate how long it takes to accomplish this task – save yourself the heartache and start organizing the entire trip early.

2. Invest in High-Quality Packing Supplies

We’re talking about moving computer equipment, electronics, and sensitive documents, items your business cannot operate without. Therefore, you’ll want to invest in proper packing supplies for the trip. You can purchase quality boxes and foam from most moving companies in the area.

3. Donate Unwanted Items Before Packing

To reduce the clutter in your office or to downsize a little, consider donating old equipment or furniture. If you plan on buying new furniture for the office, this is a great opportunity to give away the old items.

4. Label Everything That’s Moving

Before you tape up the boxes, make sure you label every single one. With a commercial move, organization is crucial. When you arrive at your new destination, the unpacking process can take as long (if not longer) than the packing process. Having everything properly labeled by type or room can reduce your headache significantly.

Label each box by room, type, or a numbering system with a spreadsheet for more information.

5. Pack Electronics Properly

Your electronics, especially computers, are fragile. While on the moving truck, these items may be jostled about on the road. If you do not pack them properly, the damage can be considerable.

Protect each computer with packing supplies. Cover them in heavy blankets and wrap the monitors individually in bubble wrap. Consider safeguarding your data by removing each hard drive and “parking” it.

6. Get Moving Insurance (Just In Case)

Even with a residential move, we recommend moving insurance. With a business, your risk is even greater. You’ll want a policy that protects all of your equipment from harm. If you’re renting a moving truck, consider rental insurance coverage, too. It’s an investment in the security of your possessions.

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