Senior Moving – How to Make the Packing & Moving Go Smoothly

Senior moving and packing services in Delray Beach.

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Senior moving requires many of the same principles used for any residential or commercial move. Local moves in Delray Beach, or long-distance moves to a new city or state, need to focus on consideration and compassion for their senior clients. Moving to a new location can be difficult, particularly when people have lived in their home for many years, sometimes for multiple decades.

Moving a Senior to Their New Home

There will be some unique challenges that need to be overcome to complete a flawless packing and moving process. Here’s our tips and tricks for making a senior’s transition to their new home easier.

Plan in Advance

Planning always simplifies the moving process. Understanding exactly what needs to get moved and the route to the new property will avoid complications on the day. Senior movers may have particular requirements, and this can be determined through advanced planning.

Complete an Inventory

Completing an inventory of all possessions will ensure boxes can get unloaded quickly at the new location. Many seniors have amassed belongings with sentimental value, and an inventory prevents items from getting misplaced during the move.

Communicate With All Parties

If the move is to a retirement community or nursing home, it is important to communicate with someone at the location. There is often a designated coordinator who can offer valuable assistance to ensure the move goes smoothly.

Use Storage Facilities

Many seniors choose to downsize to a smaller property as they get older. Downsizing might limit space for belongings, requiring the gradual disposal of unwanted items. A professional storage company gives you time to organize possessions while you decide what goods you intend to keep.

Senior Moving – The Packing Process

Your senior family member has many precious memories tied up in their possessions. These tips will help ensure they arrive safely at the new location.

Use Quality Packing Materials

Quality packing materials make all the difference during a move. Solid boxes that can reliably hold items will prevent damage during the journey. Padding ensures possessions won’t experience scuffs or scrapes on their way to the new location.

Carefully Pack Fragile Items

Valuable and fragile items require particular care during the packing process. Plastic and wooden crates are used to pack fragile items, using soft padding that adds necessary protection. Seniors should advise their movers about any fragile items to ensure they are treated delicately.

Organize Items for Easy Unpacking

The unpacking process is just as crucial as the initial packing. Disorderly packing will make it harder to arrange possessions at the new location to fit the requirements of the senior. Quality packing services make use of careful packing, labeling boxes and handling. At the new location, boxes can then be quickly unpacked for the client to enjoy their new home.

We Are Expert Senior Movers in Delray Beach

Senior moving doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage helps countless seniors relocate to new houses, retirement communities and more. We provide a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Call us to discuss your move at 561-272-2212 or request a moving quote online.