How to Safely Pack and Move an Antique Grandfather Clock

Moving a Grandfather ClockMoving home is always a stress, so knowing the ins and outs of moving an antique such as a grandfather clock can add extra pressure. At Joe Bonnie & Son, we’re professionals; we can assist you with moving the most precious of items to your new home.

Safely Packing and Moving Your Grandfather Clock

1. Be sure to avoid touching the inner components of a grandfather clock with your bare hands, as it can be incredibly damaging. Instead, find a pair of protective gloves to wear to make sure that you protect the delicate components.

2.  Open the glass door gently and remove the weights from inside. These are very easy to unhook from the pulleys within the casing. However, bear in mind that it’s important to label the weights in order to remember where they should be placed when you reassemble the grandfather clock. Remember to wrap the weights in bubble wrap to protect them.

3. To avoid breakages in transit, remove any shelving from the inside of the grandfather clock. Wrap each shelf individually in bubble wrap and mark them as fragile so that movers know to handle them with care.

4. The next step is to safely remove the pendulum. Again, like the other parts of the clock, wrap the pendulum securely in bubble wrap.

5. Once you’ve fully disassembled the grandfather clock, wrap the body in a blanket or a moving sheet to protect it. Be sure to tape it securely with packing tape so it doesn’t come loose during the move. When moving the grandfather clock, always keep it standing upright.

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