Relocating in 2021? Start Planning Your Move Now

Countless plans were put on hold during 2020, but 2021 will see plenty of activity on the moving front. If you are looking to organize a corporate relocation or a residential move soon, planning is key to your success.

Residential or office relocation in Delray Beach


At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we have been moving families and businesses for years, covering Delray Beach and throughout the country. Take a look at some of our best tips for a hassle-free relocation.

Top Relocation Planning Tips

To execute a perfect move, the more planning time the better. It’s quite easy to procrastinate when it comes to the planning phase, but following these tips can help get you on track.

Create an Item Inventory

An item inventory ensures you know exactly what needs to be moved, and helps determine how it can be packed most efficiently. This process is particularly important for an office move, where organization plays a vital role. Your inventory will also help you map out the placement in your new location.

Organize Address Changes

Don’t make those address and contact information changes at the last minute. Office moves can create all types of problems if customers or clients are contacting the wrong location. Address changes take time, so plan ahead for the changeover.

Contact Your Moving Company

Your moving company will be able to offer advice and start the planning process, ensuring you’re ready for the big move. The more notice you can provide, the easier it will be to secure a moving date. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage can provide a free quote, answer your questions – and address any concerns you may have.

Consider Large or Fragile Items

Packing is a crucial part of the moving process, one that benefits from experienced movers who can get it right. Fragile items, as well as large or heavy items, may require specialized packing or equipment to transport safely and securely. Think about those items that may require special attention on moving day now, well before the move.

Think About Storage Solutions

A relocation – particularly one for a commercial operation – often requires the use of a storage facility. If some of your possessions need to be moved at a later date, you will want access to a secure and temperature-controlled storage solution. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage provides a state-of-the-art storage facility for all clients, whether residential or commercial.

Ensure Your New Location Is Ready

After securing a new location, you can start creating a moving checklist for the relocation day. Ideally, you will arrive with any needed refurbs already completed, plus working power and internet. Making these elements into last-minute tasks is not worth the stress. Start the process early and you can relax when it comes to moving day.

We Can Help With All Your Relocation Needs

Relocation is easy when you work with the right moving company. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage has decades of experience providing flawless moves for families and businesses. Contact us online for a free moving quote or call (561) 272-2122.