Relocating Due to COVID-19? We’ll Move You Long-Distance

Long-distance moves from California and New York due to COVID-19.


The COVID-19 pandemic has created huge uncertainty for families in Delray Beach and across the country. States like New York and California are seeing waves of residents leave these hard-hit spots for a fresh start. And at Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we have been hard at work ensuring our clients can experience a safe and secure move to their new residence.

How We Can Help With Your Long-Distance Move

Some homeowners have chosen to hold off moving until life gets back to normal. But through choice or necessity, many others are pushing forward with long-distance moves to new places.

Virtual Moving Quotes

Many schools and companies have transitioned online, using Zoom calls to communicate effectively. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we’ve adapted our processes in the same way. We offer virtual quotes using WhatsApp, Zoom and other video streaming tools, working to meet your safety needs. Plus, we’re always here to communicate with you and address any concerns.

COVID-Secure Procedures

You might think it’s impossible to conduct a long-distance move while adhering to mandated COVID directives, but wecontinuously work to ensure that your safety is our number one priority. Our moving teams are fully trained to follow social distancing guidelines and safety measures to enable an efficient move.

Address Your Individual Needs

Because every move is different, we accommodate each client’s particular requirements. Senior moving, for example, might require cooperation with a care home to ensure the safety of all residents. Our goal is straightforward – to ensure a smooth transition between properties. Let us know your concerns and we will address them in advance of the move.

Safe Packaging

A long-distance move requires diligent packing to safeguard possessions over a long trip. Our skilled team uses high-quality packaging and careful packing processes to prevent damage – and to ensure we can unpack quickly and efficiently upon arrival.

Optional Storage

During this period of upheaval, you may want to delay moving certain possessions until a later date. In this case, we have modern and secure storage available for your items. These facilities use temperature-controlled technology and high-tech security. We will look after your possessions until you are ready for delivery.

Communicate With Relevant Parties

A long-distance move often requires communication with different parties. In some cases today, apartment movers might face specific COVID-19 protocols at their new location. We always plan ahead to overcome any issues, taking the time to understand what is required when we arrive at your new destination.

A Hassle-Free Long-Distance Moving Experience

If you need to arrange a long-distance move during these trying times, do not hesitate – Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage can help. Our team of experienced movers can organize packing, storage and moving from Delray Beach and across the country. Get in contact online for a free moving quote or by calling (561) 272-2122.