Top 5 Reasons Del Ray Residents Should Hire Residential Movers

5 reasons for hiring residential movers in Del Ray.

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Moving is a stressful experience that few people relish. From selling your existing property to purchasing a new home, the process is fraught with challenges. If you go DIY, or do-it-yourself, one area that can be particularly difficult is the logistics of moving your residence. Packing, moving and transportation might sound like a simple process, but for the best results it should be entrusted to the experts.

5 Reasons to Go With a Pro for Your Next Residential Move

If you are moving in the Del Ray area, the following five reasons should explain why residential movers are your best bet.


Many complex tasks can seem easy – until you try them for yourself. Moving is a process where experience is extremely valuable, as it prepares you for every eventuality. A moving company will have packed every type of item, worked in tight spaces, secured fragile items and many other tasks. Risking your prized possessions with inexperienced movers comes at a price.


Safety should be paramount during a move. The concept of safety applies to both the items being moved and the movers themselves. Moving large items calls for particular equipment like hand trucks and dollies. Your belongings require high-quality packing materials that protect items on long journeys. Working with residential movers will ensure that safety is the number one priority at every step of the way.


Working with professional movers means that accountability procedures have already been put in place. Your belongings are protected and insured according to the agreement set out at the start of the process. Items are carefully packed to ensure nothing gets misplaced. When you are operating with a DIY approach, it is difficult to reach this level of accountability.


Efficiency in a move is often overlooked. Inefficient processes can add a huge amount of time to the move, causing extra stress and bringing on additional costs. Professional movers understand how to be efficient, from the approach to packing items to save space, to transporting items into the new property. Even if you are moving an apartment, you can benefit from professionals who understand how to effectively navigate different types of buildings.


One of the main reasons for taking a DIY approach to moving is a concern over costs. It is often assumed that residential movers will be prohibitively expensive, while DIY moving will save money. However, after renting a moving truck or van, moving equipment and packaging, you will soon see your costs rising. When you add on insurance and the inevitable delays in taking on such a major challenge, the cost savings soon dissipate – and the stresses and time lost from work will increase.

Ready to Organize Your Next Residential Move?

Organizing a residential move on your own can be challenging, and can quickly spiral out of control. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we understand how to plan an efficient move that stays hassle-free from start to finish. To discuss your next residential move, call the moving pros at (561) 272-2122.