Why You Need to Plan Ahead When Moving During the Summer

Planning a Florida move this summer? Moving during the summer can certainly present some difficulties, but the right local movers can relieve the strain of this busy period. Of course, you’ll want to start planning ahead to ensure your summer move goes without a hitch.

Planning a Delray Beach home move


Why Planning for a Summer Move Is so Important

Movers Are Busy During the Summer

Summer is a busy time of year for moving. With children on school break, many families attempt to squeeze in a move before summer comes to an end. Unfortunately, increased demand for movers can cause problems in booking a quality moving company to fit your schedule. If you want Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage to plan and complete your move, contact us as soon as possible.

Summer Can Be a Difficult Time to Move

Moving during the summer in Florida is made more difficult by heat and humidity. While professional movers are used to working in many difficult circumstances, excessive heat must be accounted for. Depending on conditions, a move may need to be scheduled for a cooler period, or movers could require additional breaks. This is why planning ahead is important – it should resolve most problems and ensure they won’t impact the move.

Gives Sufficient Time to Declutter

Moving is a good time to get rid of possessions that you don’t really need. However, decluttering can take time, it’s not something to leave until the last minute. After scheduling the move with your movers, set aside some time to separate those items that won’t be making the move to your new home with you. When it comes to packing and rearranging possessions in your new home, you’ll be glad you took this step.

Schedule Storage in Advance

Because summertime is such a busy time for moving to a new home, storage facilities can be hard to come by. If it makes sense to store some of your possessions before delivering them to the new property, it’s wise to consider this need in advance. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage will move your items to a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled facility until you are ready to have them sent on to your new home.

Start Planning for Busy Routes

Planning ahead is particularly important when dealing with cross-country moving. Not only do long-distance movers need to contend with transporting possessions across the country, vacation traffic can mean that roads are often busier than usual. Thankfully, experienced movers know the routes across the country very well, and will be able to make plans for maximum efficiency.

We Can Help With Your Summer Move

Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage provide expert moving services for residential and commercial moves. If you need to organize a move this summer, contact us today for further information. Call now at (561) 272-2122 or request a free moving quote.