Moving to a New House? Home Hacks for Fort Lauderdale Residents

Are you moving into a new house? You might want to put in a little effort before calling in the moving van. Thankfully, our team put together this new home checklist to get you started. Here are a few home hacks to remember when moving into your new Fort Lauderdale home.

#1: Switch Out the Locks

The first thing you should do when moving to a new home is to change out all of the exterior locks. As a safety precaution, it’s always better to know that you have the only key — not a previous tenant or sixteen of their closest friends. This can easily be handled yourself but can sometimes be time-consuming and require the services of a skilled locksmith.

#2: Look for Possible Plumbing Leaks

Before moving in, take a look around the home for possible plumbing leaks. Key areas include under sinks and areas like dripping faucets and running toilets. You can also determine if there’s an issue by checking your meter and keeping all faucets off for a two-hour period. If you see a spike, it might be time to have a plumber look for problems.

#3: Steam Clean the Carpets

After moving into a new home, it is important to steam clean the carpets. This can be done either by a company or on your own, but calling in the pros does have some perks. This is especially necessary if your family has certain allergies or if previous tenants owned pets.

#4: Wipe Out the Inside of the Cabinets

Another great tip is to wipe out the inside of all kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Not only do you not know what former tenants might have left behind, but shelf surfaces are also one of the most forgotten spaces when cleaning a home. By taking care of this immediately, you can rest assured that your fresh start in your new place is actually quite clean, too.

#5: Perform Routine Pest Control

Nobody likes finding unexpected creepy-crawlies. Instead, perform routine pest control tasks before unpacking your first box. For a new move-in, it is usually best to have a professional company come in to do a quick spray. However, you might also add a few mouse traps or sticky papers in areas like under sinks or at the back of closets to help determine if there’s an issue in the first place. Doing this now can help eliminate the problem before it gets any worse.

#6: Locate the Circuit Box and Main Water Valve

This next tip is one of the most important when moving into a new home — locate the circuit box and main water valve. Imagine an instance where you need to turn one of these items off but aren’t sure where to start. Knowing ahead of time not only saves you a bunch of hassle, it allows you to determine whether you need to purchase a special tool for shutoff.

BONUS TIP: Change the Toilet Seat

As a bonus tip, go ahead and change the toilet seat. We won’t go into the details as to why this is a good idea, but you can use your imagination for yourself.

Are you moving in Fort Lauderdale soon? Contact us today to learn how we can help.