Moving Tips in Winter

For homeowners seeking a relatively cheap moving experience, nothing works better than winter. It’s a wonderful time to relocate. However, the season does have its pitfalls. For instance, you may be dealing with a lot more snow, which means slippery conditions both on the road and off. It’s easy to lose track of your footing and take a tumble. This winter, if you’re planning a move, consider the following moving tips straight from the professionals!

Confirm Everything

Every single detail of your move should be confirmed beforehand. That means confirming all details with the moving company, ensuring you have heat and electricity at the new house, and keeping a list of all items being packed.

During the winter, most moving companies are overly busy. It’s smart to book in advance, and confirm the date a few weeks beforehand. Weather can be unpredictable, though. Keep that in mind throughout the trip!

Check the Weather

Speaking of weather, it’s smart to keep an eye on changing forecasts. Severe snowfall or heavy rains can put a serious damper on your moving plans. Check the weather forecast weekly leading up to the big day. After that, check every single day the week of your move. If you’re worried the weather impact the roads, call your chosen moving company early and express your concerns. It’s better to delay a relocation than have someone injured due to bad weather.

Board Your Pets

If you have dogs or cats, considering boarding them. Nobody wants a puppy underfoot while packing boxes and loading trucks. It’s dangerous. Check with local boarding companies or kennels that offer heated runs, floors, and discounts for extended stays. Your fur pals should be well-cared for before the move!

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