Is a Winter Move More Expensive?

Is moving during the winter more expensive?

By Viktoriia Hnatiuk at Shutterstock

If you are in the process of planning a big move, chances are you’re trying to save some money. You are actively researching the best times of the year for moving, and we can confirm that seasons absolutely play a role in cost.

Believe it or not, summer is actually the most expensive time of the year to move. It’s the peak season for most moving companies. Typically, most homeowners move between May to September, around Memorial Day and Labor Day. These are expensive times for relocations of any kind. As a result, this is also the time when most moving companies charge extra for their services and time.

Winter can be hectic, too. Many moving companies experience a slight peak during the holiday season. It also gets darker sooner, which means less time for a safe move. Still, winter is generally a slower-paced season, which allows for savings and better schedule flexibility.

Best Seasonal Move

Before deciding when to move, it’s important to assess the disadvantages and advantages of each season. Let’s begin with why winter is fantastic for a move. To start, moving during the winter is often cheaper. Typically, most children are in school during the winter and the weather tends to push people away the from the hassle of moving. With fewer moves, moving companies are more willing to offer discounts and low prices.

However, moving during the winter does have its downfalls. For example, winter weather is cold and often dangerous for the roads. Moving companies have ice, snow, and occasional freezing rain to contend with. These elements can make relocations difficult. For many moving companies, the treacherous weather means they must charge more for the safety of their team. Also, a move during the winter can take longer due to the weather and a shorter amount of daylight.

Peak Moving Season

It’s important to note that nearly 70 percent of all residential moves occur during the summer. That means that almost any other season is going to be a cheaper for relocations. During the summer, moving companies’ rates skyrocket to accommodate all the new business. During the spring and winter, you’ll have a better opportunity to spend less money while enjoying increased flexibility.

If you intend to move during the winter, be sure to plan appropriately. Check the weather around your move date and set aside at least two days for the move.

Furthermore, you’ll need to take some time off of work. Moving can be quite stressful, and you don’t need the added anxiety of your job interfering with your relocation.

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