How to Make Moving With Kids More Manageable


Moving With KidsMoving can be a stressful experience almost anyone. For parents whose children are new to the concept or less than excited about it, moving can be even harder. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, years of experience have helped us developed the following tips to making moving with kids easier.

Respect Their Emotions

For most children, the thought of leaving behind their home and friends is upsetting or scary. Parents who are moving with kids must take those feelings seriously. Children should be given plenty of time to adjust to the idea of moving. Parents should considering throwing a going away party so children can say goodbye to all of their friends.

If possible, parents should help their children feel involved by showing them prospective houses, letting them pick out rooms in the new house, and so on. Parents should also find out what the new areas has to offer. Telling kids about sources of entertainment such as amusement parks, science museums, or parks can help them feel more excited about relocating.

Help Them Prepare and Pack

Once kids start to accept the idea of moving, they will be more willing to help. Still, parents should remember that moving with kids always requires extra time and effort. Parents can try the following:

  • Encourage children to have a garage sale to get rid of old things and earn money.

  • Give young children who want to help a special project, such as gathering up toys.

  • Leave a box of toys or games to be packed last minute so the children stay entertained.

  • Occasionally supervise packing, and label boxes with detail so items can be found easily later.

These simple measures can make packing and settling into the new house a relatively smooth processes.

Don’t Do Everything Alone

If a move is local, parents can enlist friends or family members to watch the children on moving day. Hiring a Del Ray Beach, FL moving company can also make moving day less tiring and stressful. Anyone preparing for a move is encouraged to call Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage at 561-272-2122 to learn more about our services and means of making the moving process easier.