How Do I Select an Industrial Moving Company?

Choosing the Right Industrial Moving Company

Industrial moving involves the packing and transportation of core machinery integral to business operations. Therefore, selecting the right industrial movers is not a decision to be taken lightly. A moving company needs the competence and professionalism to safely transport equipment while avoiding disruptions that could harm your productivity. But what questions should a business ask to identify the best Delray Beach industrial moving company?

What Questions Should I Ask an Industrial Moving Company?

Delray Beach industrial moving company.

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How will you move large and expensive machinery?

Industrial moving frequently involves logistical challenges and specialized transportation knowledge. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we use high-capacity moving trucks and trailers to manage substantial equipment. To ensure safety is a priority, we only use experienced moving professionals and won’t add too much equipment to a single truck.

What is the packing and crating process for a move?

Moving equipment like cranes and trucks, along with other heavy or delicate machinery, takes precision and experience with specialized tools. Industrial movers should be able to safely pack and crate equipment without adding unnecessary disruption to a business. The heavy lifting is one part of the process, but your moving company also needs to be focused on planning and logistics for fast unloading.

Can you provide storage facilities?

One of the benefits of using a professional storage company when moving is the ability to work around business operations. For example, it might make sense to prioritize important equipment while placing other machinery in storage until your new location is up and running. We operate secure storage facilities for all of our industrial moving clients.

How can you prevent delays to business operations?

There are numerous problems and delays that can hold up an industrial move. To limit these issues, industrial movers should be able to provide you with a comprehensive plan before moving day. Additionally, full tracking of all items makes it possible to reroute trucks to avoid delays.

Is your team experienced with commercial moving?

Moving a large commercial operation is a complex process and not something that should be attempted by beginners. An industrial moving team should be composed of skilled workers with exemplary training. The team at Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage has extensive experience with commercial and industrial moves and can overcome challenges.

Is my business protected in the event of equipment damage?

Businesses trust industrial movers with their valuable assets and have a right to expect complete protection. Our company, along with our trucks, is fully insured, with damaged items covered for repair or replacement. In reality, damage is rare and our skilled moving team offers exceptional packing services, safe transportation and careful unloading.

Industrial Moving Company Serving Delray Beach and Beyond

Moving industrial equipment is a specialized task that requires skill and experience. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, our expert moving team is ready to discuss how we can help you. For a free online moving and storage quote or call (561) 272-2122.