How to Pick the Right Boxes to Use During Your Next Move

When you start to pack up your home or business, you’ll have to make one decision before you do anything else: What kind of boxes will you use to transport all of your belongings? Lugging everything around in trash bags or loose piles won’t work, so you’ll need to invest in plenty of reliable boxes before packing everything away.

Surprisingly, not every move calls for the same kind of boxes. Depending on the size of your home or business, your budget, and your dedication to helping the environment, certain kinds of boxes might better suit your situation.

Here are the three main kinds of moving boxes you can choose from. Read about them, then select the model that works best for your needs.

Standard-Sized Cardboard Boxes

This is the go-to moving method for most families. Traditional corrugated cardboard boxes are cheap and effective, as long as they’re built to withstand large amounts of weight. Be wary of buying boxes that are too cheap – they may collapse once you start filling them with your items.

Customized Moving Boxes

Many of the best moving and packing companies will offer boxes that are specifically made for each room. These can be more expensive, but they come with additional benefits like extra bubble wrap protection, and perfectly-adjusted sizes. Whether you’re packing breakable dishes or your baby’s crib mattress, there’s a box that’s just right for the situation.

Environmentally-Friendly Boxes

Using dozens of boxes, then just throwing them away when you’re done isn’t a great sustainability move. If you want to do your part in helping the environment, consider looking into reusable moving boxes that won’t end up in a landfill. Once the relocation is over, you can also ensure that any cardboard boxes you use get recycled.

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