How Del Ray Residents Can Pack for an International Move

Helping Del Ray residents pack for an international move.

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Taking on the challenge of a move abroad is no mean feat. There are various logistical factors to consider, from packing your belongings to working alongside international movers with knowledge and experience. Sending your treasured possessions from your Del Ray home to a new location is one of the first factors to consider.

Tips From Del Ray Expert Movers for Moving Internationally

Using the following tips and techniques, you can ensure that everything is carefully packed and arrives safely.

Pack With Quality Materials

Quality packing materials help protect items over a long-distance journey. Customized packing boxes are adaptable to a variety of shapes and sizes. Quilted blankets and heavy-duty wrap will then keep items in place. When they are adequately protected with premium packing materials, even fragile possessions will be secure.

Think About Carry-on Luggage

Most people forget about carry-on luggage until the last minute. However, your carry-on luggage can be used to pack some small and treasured items you want to keep close by. You can also conveniently store documents that you need to enter the destination country and access your new property.

Only Take What You Need

An international move is an excellent opportunity to sort through your belongings and only keep what you really need. Most of us collect a huge number of items over the years, adding to the difficulty of moving to another country. Selling items locally and online before a move is a practice that frees up space and brings in some extra cash.

Make Use of Storage Facilities

Trying to plan a long-distance move can be tricky. Leaving your current property, completing the journey, and accessing a new home may not happen at once. Using a secure storage facility is a useful way to store your packed boxes, as they will be protected by surveillance and a temperature-controlled space. You can get comfortably set up in your new location, with those less essential items getting delivered at a later date.

Use Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags help to free up space with minimal effort. For items like clothing and bedding, using a vacuum seal removes the air from the bag itself to create a more easily transportable item. These belongings will also have a layer of added protection during the journey. While not suitable for every item, vacuum storage bags can be a valuable addition to your moving supplies.

Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage Makes International Moves a Breeze

If you’re planning an international move, you want to feel confident your items are safe and secure, and that every part of the move will run like clockwork. Choosing the right movers is crucial to the process, with experience, attention to detail and affordability being key components.

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