Getting Ready for a Military Move When Going Overseas

For U.S military members, temporary duty assignments or permanent change of station orders may require a move overseas. As experienced military movers, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage knows what it takes to conduct a stress-free relocation to a foreign country. Follow the top tips of our Delray Beach moving team for a straightforward overseas military move.
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7 Essential Tips for an Overseas Military Move

Planning ahead is the key to a successful move, and nowhere is this more important than an overseas relocation. So what can you do to ensure the move goes without a hitch?

1. Start Decluttering

Moving is the perfect time to declutter and consider what possessions you really need. From clothes and furniture to children’s toys and old electronics, most families have many belongings that could be recycled or donated.

2. Take Advantage of Storage

You may have certain items that are not appropriate for an overseas military move, but you want to keep them for your return home. That’s why we offer secure storage facilities. You can maintain your belongings, whether they’re small possessions or bulkier items, such as large home appliances, heirloom furniture (even a piano) and more.

3. Check Your Documentation

Military families have various documentation requirements for overseas moves. Check that personal passports are up-to-date and will not expire anytime soon. Check if family members require a physical, and determine the required medical documents. Anyone considering moving across the country or overseas should also check the expiration date on their driver’s license.

4. Make Packing Plans

Military movers will pack items using high-grade packing boxes and protective materials. However, some people choose to pack their belongings themselves. If you’re considering doing the packing yourself, know that items must be secure enough to avoid damage during a long journey.

5. Separate Your Travel Essentials

To avoid confusion during packing, separate the travel essentials you want to keep close by. Of course, you will need your passport and other important documents, but you may also require medication, cash, credit cards and other useful items.

6. Think About Unattainable Items

Moving overseas may limit your ability to access certain items. During the planning process, identify those things your family can handle at home before the journey. For example, you may need to update your prescription eyeglasses, change a medical prescription, set aside sentimental items and so on.

7. Start Planning Immediately

An overseas military move is more challenging than the average relocation. Start planning ahead, creating an itinerary and taking a household inventory to keep track of belongings. If you are uncertain about the necessary steps, your moving company can also detail their moving services and plans to ensure you stay on track.

Hire a Military Moving Company for Your Overseas Move

Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage provides moving services in the Delray Beach area, throughout the United States and overseas. For assistance with a military move, call (561) 272-2122 or request a free moving quote now.