Tips to Make Your Florida Move Easier During the Winter

Considering a Florida move this winter? Our experienced Delray Beach local movers have helped countless families and companies relocate during the winter months. If you want to ensure your move goes off without a hitch, be sure to check out our recommendations.
Florida winter moving

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6 Tips to Simplify Your Move to Florida This Winter

Be Aware of the Weather

Bad weather can be a significant factor when planning a move. Thankfully, winter in Florida is unlikely to cause a problem. The weather is usually warm and dry, without the humidity that can make for an uncomfortable move. If, however, you are moving to Florida from another state, be sure to check weather forecasts and plan for cold, ice, rain and unpredictable conditions.

Use Professional Storage

Moving during the busy holiday period can present complications. However, you can usually work around any logistical issues with the help of storage. Whether the move is residential or commercial, storage can be used to hold items in a secure facility until it is deemed feasible to complete the moving process. Professional storage is designed to provide optimum conditions and high-level security for possessions of all sizes.

Check Traffic Information

Working with your moving company, you can determine the best time to move in advance of the relocation. Parts of Florida get busy during winter and traffic congestion could delay your move. However, professional movers like Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage use their experience to determine the best routes and conditions to help ensure your move is as smooth as possible.

Keep an Inventory of All items

Preparation can make all the difference during a winter move and keeping track of all items can save time. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we use a packing checklist and moving plan to ensure possessions can be quickly packed, loaded and unloaded at the new property.

Using Specialized Moving Equipment Helps

Specialized moving equipment is vital for packing and loading large, fragile or odd-sized items. Equipment such as moving trucks and lifting straps help to protect the belongings and everyone involved in the move. This type of equipment is particularly important for relocations from colder regions that may present hazardous road conditions.

Use High-Quality Moving Supplies

Quality moving supplies help to keep all possessions safe during a winter move. Packing tape, bubble wrap, moving boxes, quilted blankets are just some of the supplies that can protect goods as they are moved, loaded and then unboxed at the new location. Moving supplies and packing containers are not areas where you want to cut corners. Careful packing with professional moving supplies can help save you the expense of replacing items and lessen the chance of damaging irreplaceable keepsakes.

We Can Help With Your Florida Move

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable moving and storage team, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage are the go-to option in Delray Beach. Contact us now for your residential and commercial moves, along with state-of-the-art storage options. For a free moving quote, call (561) 272-2122 or contact us online.