Five Tips for Packing Your Entire Home You Need to Know

Couple packing up their apartment to move. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage.

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As you are about to make a major transition in your life, you’re probably focused on the hopefulness and excitement of moving to a new place, and much less on the logistics. This is absolutely normal, so at Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we want to be as much help as we can in giving you guidance on the process… more specifically, on packing! There’s an art to packing that takes people years to truly master. But we have some help for you – here are five tips for packing that you need to know.

1. Start Long Ahead of Time

When you have a moving date marked on your calendar, the clock starts now. You can never start too early with packing – it will save so much stress and exhaustion later on, and come as a relief that a substantial portion of it is already done when the time comes. Packing an entire home is easy to underestimate, and trust us when we say that people accumulate a lot of stuff!

2. Have a Designated Area

Especially before things get really hectic, make a designated packing area in your home. If it’s a room that is barely used or just a corner somewhere, that will work. It will help keep you organized and sane if you keep everything you need (boxes, tape, markers, etc.) all in the same place.

3. Recycle Boxes

Moving presents an optimal time to be “green.” You could go to a local home improvement store to buy brand-new boxes, but you don’t have to. Used boxes that are still in good condition will work just fine, and when you’re finished you can pay it forward to the next family moving. Do research online to see who provides these incredible box programs. They are free, and are better for the environment.

4. Large Boxes Are for Light Items

It is only natural, but too many people assume that when you have a large box you should fill it to the brim with your heaviest items. Pretty soon however, you have a massive box that weighs a ton and is hard to lift. Save larger boxes for lighter items that you can fit more into.

5. Have Everything Ready to Go

Now that everything is finished, you should congratulate yourselves. Not many people choose to pack up their entire home without help, and it is commendable you did. Now, you need to be ready on the day movers arrive. By disassembling furniture, gathering the boxes in one area by the door, and rolling up rugs, you have just drastically expedited the process. Movers charge by the hour, so it could also save you money.

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