How Much Does It Cost to Move a House?

Moving to a new home can signal an exciting new stage in your life, but the unexpected costs are often an unwanted surprise. After closing on a property you may be deciding whether to move belongings yourself, or work with local movers. But what are the typical costs involved and what is the most cost-effective approach? Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage has moved countless Delray Beach homeowners and can guide you through the process.

House moving costs in Delray Beach


What Are the Costs to a Move a House?

Whether you take a DIY approach to moving or hire professional movers, there are certain components you can’t ignore. The following examples will account for the bulk of your costs in a move.

Packing Materials

Packing might seem straightforward – until you try securely packing your household possessions. In reality, packing requires organization, attention to detail, physical fitness and quality materials. Using low-quality packing materials and loading items without consideration will almost certainly end in disaster. Fragile items need particular care, with specialist packing techniques and materials to protect items over a long or short journey.

Moving Truck and Equipment

The cost for a moving truck will vary depending on the number of items and length of the journey. Homeowners who decide to move without assistance often choose a smaller vehicle they feel comfortable driving. However, this usually entails making multiple trips between properties, extending the overall moving time. A professional moving truck complete with special equipment for bulky items ensures an efficient move.

Storage Facilities

There are benefits to using a storage company for long-distance moves, or for homes with large inventories. But the costs for storage will add up, particularly when you require a large space over an extended period of time. Another benefit of a professional moving company is the ability to combine moving and storage for cost-efficient savings.

Time and Labor Costs

Time and labor costs can be extensive when you consider all factors. For example, it may be difficult to ask family and friends to commit extended time periods to help you move. But working alone will only delay the move. It is definitely worth considering how valuable your time is, and whether it will be more cost-effective to use the streamlined processes of professional movers.

The Cost of Using a Professional Moving Company

DIY moves will almost certainly be less efficient than a professional moving company operating at scale. Movers can buy moving supplies in bulk, plus have the benefit of years of experience. From the initial planning phase to packing, moving and storage, every aspect has been honed to be cost-efficient and organized. Get a free quote and see just how affordable moving can be.

Work With Professional Movers in Delray Beach

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