Considering a Move Due to COVID-19? Facts You Need to Know

COVID-19 and the accompanying upheaval has had a major impact for house moves across the country. Local movers in Delray Beach have been adjusting to changing moving patterns, with homeowners and tenants facing new social, employment and housing market trends. If you’re considering a local or long-distance move this year, here’s what you need to know.

Delray Beach moving due to COVID-19

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Where Are Homeowners Moving During the Pandemic?

In a report from Bloomberg, using data from USPS and the U.S. Census Bureau, Hudson, NY saw the biggest rise in people moving to the city when compared to 2019. For every 100 individuals who left the area, 197 became new residents. Similar results were found in Kingston, NY and other areas around New York City, with many residents shifting from big city living.

Florida saw less upheaval, with more towns and cities gaining popularity among those looking for a new location. Panama City and Naples-Marco Island were two metro areas experiencing a growth in inward migration compared to pre-pandemic times. However, there were many other growth areas across the state, including The Villages, Sebring-Avon Park, Clewiston and Punta Gorda. Of the people moving to Florida, almost 28% came from Texas and around 15% moved from New York, according to the National Association of Realtors.

On the west coast, cities like Sacramento and Stockton proved popular, along with Oakland, Berkeley and other parts of Alameda County. And while long-distance moving due to COVID-19 did take place, most people actually moved within their own metro area.

Some Big Cities Are Losing Popularity

Notable examples of cities where more people migrated out than in include New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle and Boston. While it is unclear whether these moves will prove temporary, there was certainly a desire among many residents to leave densely populated cities for quieter suburbs.

For many, the temporary closure of restaurants, bars and other activities meant city living lost much of its appeal. Moving to a quieter area typically means more space and a more amenable lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Work’s Impact on Location

Work also played a part in moving decisions, with remote working being a necessity for many. If you are planning a move, it’s worth considering whether your employment is likely to stay remote in future years, or whether it would be beneficial to be in a major city. Working remotely offers a lot of potential for exploring a new region, and the expert long-distance movers at Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage can make the process straightforward.

Are You Ready to Start Planning a Move?

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