Best Tips When Packing for a Local Move in Delray Beach

Packing isn’t any easier just because you’re moving locally in Delray Beach. Even packing for local moves can feel overwhelming. Fortunately there are certain things you can do to make your move a little less stressful. Packing preparation is important for any move if you want a smoother experience.

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Top Packing Tips for Local Moves

Even if you’re moving across the street, use these top tips to make your packing process a little easier and quicker.

  1. Label Your Boxes: This may be obvious, but a lot of people forget to label all of their boxes if they are trying to pack fast. Clearly labelling your boxes on the side and the top can save you a lot of time during unpacking. It can help to both label the contents of the items (for example, “dishes”) and the room it belongs in (“kitchen”).

  2. Get Rid of the Clutter: Trying to sort and pack every little thing can be overwhelming, especially when so much of it are things you don’t need. Make your life a little bit easier by getting rid of as much clutter as possible. Before you pack a single box, we recommend you throw out all unused or unnecessary items. This will make packing and moving easier.

  3. Keep Your Essentials with You: Before you start packing, decide what essentials you’ll need to keep with you. This includes things like a toothbrush and toothpaste, a change of clothes, medications, important paperwork, and/or your child’s favorite stuffed animal. You can keep these things in a suitcase that stays with you or in your car during the move.

  4. Use the Proper Packing Supplies: Invest in the proper packing and moving supplies. Make sure your cardboard boxes aren’t flimsy and be sure you adequately tape each box. We recommend taping the seams of boxes shut and then wrapping the entire box at least once in tape where the stress is concentrated.

  5. Don’t Overpack a Moving Box: A common mistake is to try to pack all of your belongings into as few boxes as possible. Use as many boxes as you need to create easy-to-lift loads. We recommend not packing any box over 50 pounds.

Hire a Professional Moving Company to Pack for You

The best tip we can give is to hire a professional moving company to do your packing for you.

This will take an enormous amount of stress off of you and your family, and you’ll feel safe knowing that your possessions are being packed and moved by professionals.

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