When Is the Best Time to Move?

Best time for moving in Delray Beach

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Moving to a new home or location comes with a long checklist of tasks that need completing. Whether you are planning a local move in the Delray Beach area or a cross-country relocation, there’s a lot to consider. One of the factors that can be overlooked is this important question – when is the best time to move? In truth, every move is different, but there are some factors that can save you time and money when you schedule your move.

Determining the Best Time to Move to a New Home

Time of Year

If you have the luxury of flexibility, the winter months may be quieter than the more popular spring and summer periods. Due to a lease running out, many moves also take place at the end of a month, or the beginning of a new month. However, you can avoid scheduling issues by booking a move in advance. Starting early in the day will also ensure you have plenty of time to get organized in your new property.


Arranging a move around your work schedule can be difficult. While more occupations are switching to flexible schedules, most people still work Monday to Friday. Weekend moves may require earlier booking, and there could also be extra costs to move to a new home. You can find out what your options are by arranging a free quote from Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage.


The weather could be a factor to consider, depending on your location and new destination. The humidity of a Florida summer means it will be more comfortable if you can get the move completed before the hottest part of the day. However, if you are moving to a new state, there could be alternative weather conditions to consider.


Your family situation can also play a major role in deciding when to move. If you have young children, avoiding too much disruption is an important factor to consider. The summer months might be a busy time for moving, but it allows your children an opportunity to settle in their new home before the school year commences.

The Best Time to Move Should Be a Personal Decision

Unfortunately, there is no perfect time to move that will suit everyone. Before committing to a decision you should weigh up your individual objectives, the housing market, the availability of movers and other considerations. After many years of assisting homeowners in the Florida area, Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage will work diligently to accommodate your needs. Our moving resources page is a great place to start planning your move.

Hire a Professional Moving Company in Florida

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