Best Places to Get Moving Boxes in Delray, FL

The right moving boxes can protect your possessions.

By vtwinpixel at Shutterstock

Moving can be quite expensive. You have already spent plenty of money on hiring a professional moving service and have likely purchased some furniture for your new home. As a result, you likely want to find affordable (or even free) moving boxes for your upcoming trip.

You certainly have many options, but how good are some of those options? Cheap boxes can be risky. If the bottom were to fall apart, all your goods would smash across the floor. With a box of glassware or fragile items, a broken box can mean a total loss.

The bottom line? You need high-quality boxes to protect your belongings, not abandoned leftovers from other movers.

Where to Get Reliable Moving Boxes

If you look hard enough, you’ll find that moving supplies can be sourced from countless local organizations and stores. For instance, you could visit your local grocery shop, bookstore, convenience store, or perhaps shop online via classified ads. Someone who recently moved is sure to have an unwanted supply of moving boxes and crates.

Unfortunately, despite their availability and low cost, such moving boxes are typically on the lower end of the quality spectrum. You might find food residue, cracks, water damage, and full-blown breaks along the bottom of each box. Duct tape cannot solve all your troubles; you’re better off paying for quality moving supplies that are sure to withstand your upcoming relocation. The investment to protect your possessions will be well worth the cost now.

Friends and Family

If you have friends and family who recently moved, they might have extra packing supplies on-hand. If you kindly ask, chances are someone will gladly hand over a few moving boxes for your big day.

Unfortunately, the same situation arises. The overall quality of the moving crates must be brought into question. How stable are the boxes? Will one rip open and spill its contents all over? If so, how many of your possessions will be damaged in the process? The very nature of some moving boxes only warrants one or two trips before the material fails. There is no telling how many times these old boxes were used.

A Trustworthy Solution

Your other option, and sometimes the only solution available, is to purchase your boxes from an expert moving company in the area. Sure, you’ll spend some money on your supplies. However, consider the boxes you purchase an investment in the safety and security of your possessions. Wouldn’t you rather spend a little money now to avoid paying for repairs and replacements at your new home?

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