The Benefits of Hiring Local Delray Beach Movers

Moving home can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. Do you move your belongings yourself, opt for local movers, or choose a national company? While all these options are feasible, the one that makes sense for most people is working with local movers. But what are the main benefits you get working with a Delray Beach moving company?
Hire Delray Beach moving company.


What Are the Benefits of Hiring Local Movers?

Buying or renting a new home is difficult enough without having to worry about the moving process. Here are the main reasons working with a local moving company is the best approach to take.

Local Movers Know the Delray Beach Area

Local movers have conducted numerous moves in the Florida area. This experience proves invaluable when it comes to finding the quickest routes, avoiding busy times, finding safe spaces to park – and other important factors that an established local mover provides.

Local Movers Offer Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is one of the reasons consumers choose to work with a company. Local movers pride themselves on their customer service, as it brings constant referrals and new customers. National and international moving companies have little connection to the area, and therefore less impetus to go the extra mile.

Local Movers Can Store Your Possessions

A key reason to hire residential movers in Delray Beach is the easy access to storage. Many house moves require storage for certain belongings before they can be unpacked at the new property. Access to local storage facilities simplifies the moving process – and ensures your possessions are easily accessible.

Local Movers Use Specialized Equipment

Trying to move bulky or fragile items is not recommended for anyone without experience. Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage uses dedicated equipment that is designed for maneuvering items safely and securely. This equipment can also be accessed at short notice due to the proximity of the location.

Local Movers Save You Time and Money

A local moving company provides a fast and affordable option for a home move. Any money saved in a do-it-yourself move is usually lost in excessive time wasted. Similarly, nationwide companies may charge extra as they need to travel from outside the Delray Beach area.

Local Movers Offer Packing Services

Packing is usually considered one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of a move. Local movers provide packing services to customers, ensuring their possessions are carefully packed and transported to the new location. At Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage, we use high-quality packing materials and ensure your belongings are treated with exceptional care.

Work With Professional Movers in Delray Beach

Ready to start planning a local move in Delray Beach or a cross-country relocation? Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage takes the hassle out of moving, providing a first-class experience at an affordable cost. To discuss your move, call us at (561) 272-2122 or request a free moving quote online.