5 Tips to Help You Box Your Stuff Up Quickly and Smoothly

Packing your entire home up for a move when you don’t know what you’re doing can be a nightmare. If you’re not careful, the entire process can devolve into a huge mess of unorganized piles, broken belongings, and late move-in dates. To make your life easier, keep these five handy packing tips in mind when you begin packing your stuff up in those cardboard boxes.

  1. Think Ahead

What objects will you need to use first in your new home? Those need to be in easily accessible boxes that are clearly marked. Then, start thinking about everything else and categorize the boxes properly. Don’t label the boxes based on your old home; label them based on where the items will go in your new home. This will make unpacking so much simpler.

  1. Don’t Pack What You Don’t Need

It makes no sense to pack clothing and other items that you never use. Before you even begin packing, go through your entire house to see what belongings you can sell or donate. This will help shorten your packing list and ensure that you don’t transport boxes unnecessarily.

  1. Never Pack Important Records

There’s always the chance that a box will get lost or damaged during a big move, so if you want to protect your important documents like birth certificates and passports, keep them in a safer place.

  1. Remember Not to Overpack Boxes

Each and every box will need to be picked up and transported to a new location. Therefore, it’s smart to ensure that each box is light enough to be carried to its new home. Also, you don’t want to overstuff cardboard boxes or they can break during the move.

  1. Distribute the Work Across the Family

Whether you’re moving with small children or just a partner, everyone can help make the process run smoothly. Assign relevant tasks to each family member and make sure that everyone knows what they’re responsible for. By delegating, you’ll cut down on packing time and keep everyone involved.

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