5 Things to Pay Attention to When Moving to Florida

Whether you’re planning a move to The Sunshine State from somewhere else or are simply moving across Florida, there are certain parts of the relocation that you need to pay close attention to. This state is full of its own unique qualities, and if you fail to take those into consideration while moving, you could wind up in a load of trouble.

  • Plan for the weather. Florida is known for its moody climate, and it can play a role in the success of your move. Watch for sporadic thunderstorms, blazing summer heat, and other hallmark trades of the state’s tumultuous weather. If you can, plan your move outside of the summer when it’s less likely to be extremely hot and humid.

  • Don’t forget about hurricane season. If you’re moving to a coastal town, you’ll need to watch for tropical storms, weather damage, and other factors that could throw your moving schedule into chaos.

  • Look into becoming an official state resident. If you are from out of state, you’ll need to obtain a Florida driver license, updated car insurance, and other important documents before officially settling down.

  • Consider what traffic will be like. When scheduling when your movers will arrive and how the moving day will go, take traffic patterns into consideration. High numbers of tourists and senior citizens can cause big delays, and if you’re on a tight schedule, that can be problematic.

  • You’ll want to hire a company that’s an FMWA Member Mover. This means the company is registered with the state and is actually a trustworthy moving service. FMWA stands for “Florida Professional Movers Association.”

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