5 Easy Ways to Make Connections in Your New Florida Community

apartment moving servicesA major part of life is moving and making new connections. These tasks typically come hand-in-hand. Whether you’re starting college or simply need a fresh start, making connections may be difficult. An unfamiliar environment is great, though. It’s a melting pot of unique cultures and experiences. Embrace the change!

Community Events

While rare these days, many complexes and communities host events. These events range from outdoor block parties and barbecues to meet-and-greet style outings. Whatever the case, take this opportunity to meet some fresh faces.


Be proactive! Instead of moving in, closing the curtains, and hiding from the neighborhood, embrace them. Go out and meet your new neighbors personally. If you notice someone outdoors, stop and say ‘Hello.’ If not, take a chance and knock on a door or two.


If your new community has staff servicing the people, get to know them. This is particularly the case for an apartment complex. Not only will life run a little smoother by knowing the maintenance staff, but they typically know your neighbors, too. You may find a good friend and entry to the whole community.


Whether you visit an actual park or a dog park, a bit of sunshine and mingling will help. Many of your neighbors may be outdoors, getting some exercise, and walking their pets multiple times per day. This opens a line of conversation, especially if you have a dog of your own.


On occasion, neighborhood organizations will form sports leagues. This may be softball in the city park or just a simple game at the end of the road. You may have an opportunity to join in on the fun and make some friends with your teammates.

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