10 Packing Tips to Make Your Family’s Move Simple

Family Move Packing TipsPacking your family’s belongings into cardboard boxes is tough. We often become sentimental looking at each item as it’s packed away. When you’re surrounded by cardboard packing crates, tape, and rooms filled with lifelong possessions, the task of moving seems overwhelming.

Take a Deep Breath

You don’t have to succumb to being overwhelmed! Packing could become the simplest task of your move. Just follow these ten tips:

  1. Understand Stress: There are two primary types of stress: physical and psychological. It’s crucial to understand both and combat them. Give your body time to physically relax, and the start tackling your mental overload.

  2. Organize: When you take time to organize and plan ahead, your move will be significantly easier. Follow a simple checklist, and you’ll notice your stress reduced.

  3. Catch the Details: Do not ignore the tiny details. While planning a move, research nearby schools, shopping, and parks for your family to enjoy. The more you find ahead of time, the easier time you’ll have upon arrival.

  4. Declutter: Your current home is, likely, bogged down with old furniture and goods. Try to declutter as you pack each room, as it will make the unpacking process easier.

  5. Inventory: Try to mark each item and which room it comes from during the packing process. It will make a move easier.

  6. Use Technology: Be sure to have all your phone chargers on-hand, and make use of your phone’s capabilities.

  7. Entertain the Kids: Children, while we love them dearly, often get in the way during a move. Try to keep them entertained and carefree.

  8. Research Professionals: Research professional moving services early. Finding the right moving company can reduce stress and work for yourself.

  9. Choose the Right Day: Most people move in the warm months. Try to avoid busy periods for the best prices and easiest time.

  10. Unpack Carefully: Take your time when unpacking. Put each item in your desired place and sort accordingly.

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