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Apartment Moving Services Delray Beach, FLMoving to or from an apartment requires special care and planning. That’s why you should hire an apartment moving company like Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage. Our professional apartment movers know how to get you moved from one apartment to another with reliable, efficient service. No apartment move is too small or too large for us. Give our friendly office staff a call to find out more.

Professional Apartment Moving Company

We have been helping people just like you make a smooth transition to a new home for over 70 years. Our professional apartment movers follows strict procedures when performing a move for you.

  1. We will arrange a free in-home survey.

  2. We will sit down with you to formulate the best moving plan possible. Planning the move properly will assure a smooth transition on move day.

  3. We can supply all packing materials and properly pack all your household goods.

  4. We bring all your belongings to your new apartment with care, place and reassemble all furniture in the proper rooms.

Another service we provide is storage. Whether your new apartment is already furnished or you just don’t have room in your new apartment for all of your furniture, we can provide clean, air conditioned storage for your possessions. A phone call to our experienced office staff can get the process started for your next apartment move.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is not uncommon for our apartment customers have the same questions. Those often include:

  1. Can A Mover Transport Pets To A New Apartment? The short answer to this question is yes. However, the long answer is a bit more complicated. It really depends on the pet that needs to be moved. If it is a larger animal like a dog or cat, we highly suggest you move your pet with you in your personal vehicle. However, if the pet is within a closed cage – be it a fish or reptile – we can often move that with no concern. Be sure to articulate the best way to move your pet to the team helping you.

  2. How Do I Move My Plants Into My New Apartment? In a similar answer, we’ll say that it all depends on the size of the plant. If the plant is a small house plant, we highly suggest you move it with you in your personal vehicle. However, if the plant is large and hefty, it may be beneficial for your movers to help you move it.

About Our Apartment Movers

Here at Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage we believe in only allowing the most experienced and trustworthy movers in your home. All of our movers have been drug tested and background checked for your protection, and they are all insured. We set our standards high, screening for professionals that believe in offering the best in customer service. Let our experienced staff help make your next apartment move a positive experience.

For apartment moving services in Florida, Call our Delray Beach office. Contact Joe Bonnie & Son Moving & Storage at 561-272-2122. Get a FREE Quote