March is also National

Perhaps the greatest challenge for middle market companies is globalization, the panelists said. Mid sized companies often purchase at least some of their inputs abroad and sell some of their products and services overseas. But in a more globally interconnected economy, they have to do more of that, and they are feeling more competition from foreign firms.

March is also National Frozen Foods month. (Wow! Who knew?) Sure, this impressive designation was made up by somebody’s marketing department and is about as newsworthy as Be Kind to Cats Day, but it’s got DealNews convinced that the frozen foods industry will launch a bunch of sales to celebrate. If you’re a frozen food groupie, it may be time to stock up..

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That the bulk of the demand and most of the demand is what called IT services, he said. Science students are having trouble finding work not the other way around. According to a 2016 study by the National Science Foundation, doctoral students in science and engineering fields who reported definite work commitments or a postdoc position dropped to the lowest in 15 years.

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